Welcome, all 20 of you!  You have kindly followed me over from Facebook, leaving the other 66 behind heaving sighs of relief that they no longer have to endure my inane blether and claims to nearly be a Nat Geo photographer (why’d ya even friend me then?!?!?)  Come to think of it this blog should have been named ‘Inane Blether’!  So I’m going to write in a purposefully general way using only first names of friends and family.  You can out yourselves if you please or link your business to capitalize on all of these many eyeballs, although I must warn you at least 15 of the 20 people live in other countries!  It’s perfectly fine for you to send this content to someone else if you find anything inspirational or meaningful (there will not be anything remotely like that).

Speaking indirectly of sponsorship, I have reached out to Morton Salt but they never responded.  I think they might be waiting for my readership to get up to 30 people.  Why Traveling Salt Club you ask?  Because I knew it would not be taken.  Also, it was my second choice after Google.com but my fabulous web designer Sarah assured me that was definitely in use!  (She has had to listen to that ‘joke’ several times – I’ve turned into my dad!) It was born out of the fact that we travel with our own salt which is not that unusual.  But we each have our favourites. Kind of.  Kyle and I share two, Mckenzie brings a third and Adam likes regular old Morton (Come on Morton – just a few measly bucks) in his tiki shaker!  But he also brings another tub for cooking and in retrospect, it is quite odd.

As for me, most of you know that I did not go to college – I barely made it out of high school.  The teachers valiantly tried to make me into a typist or a cook.  The first kept me alive through a series of mind-numbing jobs.  The second, sadly, did not take (sorry husband and kids).  I have done a bit of writing for myself over the years, purely to get the streams of consciousness out of my head.  I don’t do anything with them, I just show them to Adam, he laughs and we move on.  Even this silly little thing is a leap of faith for me.  The thought of people (even my people) reading something I have written is petrifying. 

While I was musing about whether to go forward, I got what I believe is a sign.  I follow the brilliant Denzel Washington on Twitter and he frequently posts encouraging messages.  On the day that Sarah acquired my domain name I read the following tweet:

I was very moved by it and I felt that in this instance, Denzel was speaking directly to me and urging me on.  It was the final push I needed.  A few days later I went back to find the tweet to embed it here and I realized it was actually written by Denzel Washingnoton.  All these months I’ve been following, liking and being motivated by some rando.  At first, I didn’t know what to think.  What does this signify, I wondered?  After consideration, I have opted to believe that Denzel also endorses the core of this message and at some point he will bookmark my blog.  Stay tuned.